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(2nd Half) Game Notes: Penn State Loses At Iowa

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Halftime Notes: Tuned in late.  Thought the game was tonight.  Whoops.  I’m told Penn State was up big.  Then I tuned in and jus t watched it all fall apart on both ends.  Aaron Fuller is owning the offensive glass, and Babb, Frazier, and Jackson have a combined 2 points while the bench has contributed a good amount of the scoring.

Under 16 notes: Full court press to open the half…Jones starts second half…Turnovers killing Penn State at the moment.  Throwing stops up far too many offensive rebounds.

Under 12 notes: Iowa fans complain a lot…Penn State now down 10…Help defense struggling…Penn State staying alive at the free throw line right now…Iowa fans REALLY complain a lot

Under 8 notes: Jackson playing a good second half…a little momentum coming out of the TO for once…Penn State draws to within 5…Offense looking fluid, defense still struggling…

Under 4 notes: Another busted play out of a TO…Penn State getting back into this game at the line…Very deflating defensive possession.  2 fouls, then an and-one as the shot clock expires…Penn State deflating, taking a lot of fouls…

Last 4 notes: Our press must stink if Iowa can’t handle pressure and it’s yielded nothing for us…Game called very tight down the stretch, Penn State has struggled to adjust…Iowa stinks at free throws, letting Penn State back in…Penn State played the last two minutes very well…