It's LaVar Arrington's World, You're Just Listening To It [Poll]

[Random: yes. But it's the off-season so I get free passes.]

My afternoon radio listen is getting tired and so I've been doing a lot of scan buttoning as of late. This also means once rare but now intermittent bits of The Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes hits my speakers.

LaVar is an easy guy to like, and I really want to like the show. But I don't. I can't. And to cut to the point: how do you balance the fact that I've sat and watched this 10 and 12 views at a time...

...with the fact that I don't want to know what he thinks of the Capitals' latest win streak? Or even his opinion of the 'Skins (which I admittedly don't care about anyway)? Am I off base here? Do I have to support his future endevers because I loved his ability to kill quarterbacks while at my college? How do you balance these things out? How far does name recognition go? Why isn't the 'V' capitalized on the station's website?

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