Sour Old Men

Cryptic Collier writes this today in his column regarding the "meaningless" national championship.

You might think it was great that Pitt beat North Carolina in the Busted Water Pump Bowl or that Penn State toppled Louisiana State in the What's In Your Wallet Classic, but those games were memorable for nothing other than their identical final scores, 19-17. Penn State should be ashamed of itself for failing to beat LSU by anything less than 40-17, as the Tigers were offering a performance so pitiful that they had more penalties than first downs.

O, dude's got jokes. Dude also didn't notice that the game was played on Omaha Beach (not that that's an excuse). Only a souring old man like Collier could find a way to rain on a New Year's Day win over an SEC opponent in a traditional bowl that's simply had its name (The Citrus Bowl) hijacked by the suits. Sour, sour, sour. Could we, SHOULD we have won by more? Sure. But do I lose sleep over 19-17? Haha, no.

The rest of the column is pretty much just a slam on the entire bowl season, from the national title game, right down to two games I found to be pretty awesome, the Roady's Bowl and the Outback Bowl. Perhaps the bowl season isn't perfect. Perhaps it's not even the system most fans want. But I'm tired of people rendering the whole season "meaningless" because there isn't a playoff. Whoopee. We still have conference titles. We still have rivalries. And we still have conference bragging rights to fight for in bowl season.

You don't like the bowl season, Gene? Good for you. Most people don't, like your pal, bloggin' Bob Smizik, part of your sour old man fraternity.

The bowl season is mostly a farce and that can be said of almost every game in which Big East teams participated. There is reason to believe that the outcomes of some of these games were affected more by events surrounding them than the actual contests.

Or bloggin' Bob Smizik, part of your sour old man fraternity.

The 2009-10 bowl season, in all its glory, is upon us. It opens tomorrow with two games you do want to miss: Fresno State vs. Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl and Rutgers vs. Central Florida in the St. Petersburg Bowl.

And even bloggin' Bob Smizik, part of your sour old man fraternity.

My stance on the soon-to-be-upon-us college football bowl season is this: The national championship game is worth watching; one or two of the BCS games might be intriguing; the remainder are meaningless 13th games that serve as programming for ESPN and little else.

But you know what else most people don't do? They don't complain incessently like three year olds, and try to enjoy the system we have now, even if they're not completely happy with it. We could sit here for hours and count the flaws of the bowl system, from the corporate soulessness to the drawn out process, but really, why sould we?

Do we really need four, seven game sets to figure out who the best teams in hockey and basketball are? No. We need them for the TV money they generate for the NBA and NHL. But we don't complain about that. Do we need wild card weekend in the NFL, which this year will feature three rematches from ACTUALLY MEANINGLESS games from week 17 of the NFL season? No. Again, we need them for the TV money. But God forbid we complain about that, or Lord Goodell will strike down the blasphemers.

So just shut up please. We all know what's wrong with the college bowl season, but let's not make the NHL, NBA, and NFL playoffs out to be all that is pure in sports, and what the selfish suits of the NCAA should be striving for. It's the same thing: a money grab.

Welcome to America.

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