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Nitt Links Is Buying Bolden An Umbrella

If you happened to be walking on campus around noon yesterday you may have run into a quarterback walking to class, in the rain, without a umbrella or rain jacket. That my friends is poise, stupidity..or proof that he makes it rain. I like to think it's the 1st and the 3rd reason.

Anyway, regardless of Bolden's abilities to control the weather he's headed into what should be one of the many big games he start under center for Penn State. While fighting through the corn mazes will provide a difficult challenge even for the most seasoned vets, this team has played pretty decently on the road in front of a tough crowd, against a team better than Iowa. We've gone over the Alabama game 1.5 million times, but Penn State should find some calm in knowing they can operate in a hostile situation. Hopefully the outcome is different, or closer, but Rob Bolden can make it rain. Possibly even literally.

---Hot Topics---

So far, Penn State doesn't look like Linebacker U

It's nice to know that the media understands how players learn and get better. In the book "Linebacking by The Reading Eagle" Sean Lee woke up one morining and said "You know what? I'm going to be great today" and that was that. I understand the point they're trying to make but between a year off from injury, and youth, you feel like they get maybe a little tiny bit of slack.

Penn State: Bolden's No. 1 fan is his mom

My mom says that about me, but that was before band concert's and lacrosse games. Speaking of which, I heard this great fact about Evan Royster did you know he was recruited to....

Good things coming to pass for Penn State QB Bolden | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/30/2010

"There's an old saying: Nothing succeeds like success," Paterno said of the most important drive orchestrated by Bolden to date. "The fact he was able to do that should be a good experience for him. I think it will help him in other situations."

---Best Of The Rest---

I wanted to link to this, but I was afraid that you wouldn't click it on the off chance Bryant Gumble is somebody you don't like. I watched this program live yesterday and it was epic to watch somebody in the media to finally say what we're thinking. I'm sure you all have opinions to share on the matter, but I think he nails it on the head.

Recruit commits to Penn State - The Daily Collegian Online

Well written article about DeChellis' last pickup. It's nice to see the Collegian covering basketball as a sport and not just bringing it up when somebody goes.."Hey yo, so back in the UNC area they don't lose, so I was thinking like, lets fire Ed, and buy Coach K. We got some money right?" Everybody has thoughts on that who situation, but after a while it gets old.

Ron Musselman's Penn State football chat transcript: 9.30.2010

Some good some bad. Give it a read and decide for yourself.

Wagner has been better and his leg is definitely stronger. He is one of only two kickers in the country who have kicked 10 field goals this year, going 10 of 12. He is 5 of 6 from 40-49 yards after going 1 of 4 from 40-49 yards last year and 0 of 1 from 50 yards or longer.

Have a safe, fun filled weekend everybody. Lets Go State.