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Nitt Links Doesn't Know What Happens Next

I think Slow State's said it best in their last podcast. "If Penn State lose this weekend the internet will break" Well, we're still alive and kicking but to say there are cracks in the floor would be an understatement. Penn State is in a tough spot, I know, you're excited I spent the weekend coming to this conclusion.

Writing up the first post for the week puts me in a tough spot. I have to welcome you back to BSD with the elephant of this weekend in the room. I don't want to downplay the problems that this team and coaching staff has, but I do have a solution to offer to your struggles.

I've been a Penn State basketball fan for a while now, and as a student I've put a lot of effort into the program and have really grown (in some sick way) to love it. During my time here I've learned what Ed DeChellis means when he preaches family. I've watched Penn State lose countless games and it's never been fun, but at the end of the day it's never been about the game, it's been about the people and the players. It makes every loss a part of a journey, and every single win a great moment.

Now I'm not suggesting to you that Penn State football is the same thing as Penn State basketball, but the principle is the same. We're in this together. I'm not saying we should ignore problems and hug each other. I know it sucks to watch running plays every down, and I can't stand the fact the offensive line can't get it done, but in all of this drama we shouldn't forget what makes Penn Staters so great. We get behind our teams.

We've got two weeks before another home game, and I have no idea what will happen between now and then, but I do know one thing. I'm giving Michigan hell and I'll root for these kids til they get it together.


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The Lions totaled 81 yards on 26 carries, just 2.5 per try. The longest gain was eight yards and it might be time to expand the role of true freshman Silas Redd, who carried four times for 13 yards. He appears to be PSU's quickest back. And the holes don't stay open long, which also means Joe Paterno might be looking for a couple more offensive linemen.

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