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Nitt Links Is Going To Party Like It's 1946

We seem to be calming ourselves down nicely. The Armageddon of Penn State football post from FOS made it's way here finally, we had our fun, and now we're moving on. The biggest downfall of the Internet is it's ability to fabricate creditability from things that are nothing more than rumors. Is it true? I don't know. But fighting in the work place, an old guy showing up late, and a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds not giving a damn isn't anything new in the world.

---Hot Topics---

PSU rarely produces NFL starters, is no longer elite college program

If you were speaking strictly offense you could make that case. Defensively you can see a Penn State alum make a play in almost every game on a Sunday so I'm not sure I'm buying this.

Penn State's football program has problems that go beyond this season

That whole STEP thing seemed like a good idea at the time? In the end buying the seat next year is an investment towards being there in 4 years as much as it is being there next season. Maybe you don't get a national title, but there is no way the Alabama and Nebraska games won't be sellouts. For every angry old guy with tickets there is some 30 something year old alum who has been waiting his turn. Tickets are expensive, but their competitive.

Podcast 10: Double Digit Yammering, Because It’s Good For You | Slow States

If you haven't been listening to their podcasts you should. Here is your chance to change your ways.

---Best Of The Rest---

Icers hoping for more hockey coverage - The Daily Collegian Online

Melanie Collins alert


When I was writing this 5,000+ students had RSVP'd as dressing up as a Ghost for the Michigan game. Who knows how many people will do it when the time comes, but even a few hundred would be pretty funny.

Penn State 1946-47 Football Teams to Be Honored by NCAS

The 1946 and '47 Penn State football teams will be recognized with the "Heroes Amongst Us" Award, presented by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports. The "Heroes Amongst Us" Award is among six Giant Steps Award winners the NCAS will recognize at its 23rd Annual Awards dinner. The event is Tuesday, Oct. 12 in Orlando, Fla.

Arielle Wilson Named a Finalist for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award

Senior Penn State women's volleyball middle hitter Arielle Wilson (Broadview, Ill.) has been selected as a finalist for the inaugural Lowe's Senior CLASS Award for women's volleyball. Wilson is one of three Big Ten women's volleyball players among the 10 finalists for the award that recognizes athletes with notable achievements in four areas of excellence - community, classroom, character and competition