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Nitt Picks Is Delegating

In the best of times, Joe Paterno has been praised for his ability to delegate and run his football program without having to do a whole lot of coaching himself. What else could you expect from an 83-year old man? In the worst of times, though, his delegation opens him up to criticism, for example, from Ron Cook.

For a number of years, Paterno has been a figurehead and done more delegating to his staff than actual coaching and recruiting. Maybe he's doing even less this season. Whatever. If you saw the 33-13 loss to Illinois or Penn State's three-touchdown losses at Iowa and at Alabama in its only other games against schools from Bowl Championship Series conferences, you know Paterno's way no longer is good enough.

The Paterno way didn't go from 22 wins in two years to "not good enough" in a summer. Onward.

Paterno's age is a factor with me. How can it not be? College coaching is a young man's game. The coach has to, you know, actually do some coaching for his team to have its best chance of success.

Now that's something that makes some sense. The operative phrase is "best chance," and regardless of how you feel about the present coaching situation, there's little doubt that Joe's lack of recruiting trips and diminished responsibility in practice and game planning over the last few years pretty much means the staff is doing less work that it could be as a whole. As we've seen in 2008 and 2009, the right talent can go a long way toward covering for a coaching staff functioning at less than 100%, but when you don't have that talent, 2010 happens.  Something to consider.

Powell to Defense

The carousel continues to turn for Chaz Powell...

Now, Powell will be playing cornerback again, which means that he could be slated to play the "nickel" position as an extra defensive back in passing situations. Or he could actually be given a chance to start in two weeks at Minnesota with the staff possibly moving cornerback D'Anton Lynn to safety -- the position he came to Penn State playing.

So there's further proof that injuries are affecting the offense big time, even when the injuries aren't direct. Powell has been quieter this season on offense than last, but he'll be a loss on the offensive side of the ball, which should tell you just how desperate things are in the secondary right now.

Big Night For Soccer

Penn State men's soccer takes on No. 1 Akron tonight at the Jeff. If you're in town, you should be there. Onward State caught up with coach Bob Warming for 10 questions, including one about his star players.

OS: What have Corey Hertzog and Matheus Braga meant to the team (Hertzog has 11 goals and Braga has 11 assists)?

BW: First of all, they are great teammates. I’ve been fortunate enough to coach three or four guys that have led the nation in scoring. Corey does not have a selfish bone in his body. He just wants to score goals for the team to win. Matheus has a little bit of soccer genius in him, and yet he’s great with the team. He’s one of the friendliest, nicest guys on the team. He’s so supportive of his teammates. Their personality qualities are even greater than the scoring qualities or assist qualities that they are giving the team.

Braga is closing in on a school record for assists in a season with a ways to go, and Hertzog has a team leading five game-winning goals. Both guys will have to be on their game tonight for Penn State to take down the Zips, but with a big home crowd behind them, who knows? It's been a tough week for Penn State sports between the football loss, Sasa Borovnjak's injury and the women's volleyball struggles.  Pull it out boys.

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