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Nitt Links Has Another Reason To Hate Ohio

Consider this my Show and Tell:

If you didn't get a chance to see the Penn State-Akron soccer game last night you missed one of the more interesting Penn State sporting events I've seen. To start things off Apolo Ohno was there. Apparently he was in town to give a talk and workout, seeing how it was cold outside Ohno was like "Sure, soccer, it's like speed skating"  If that wasn't enough, the game was delayed 30mins due to the fact the Akron jersey's went missing, also known as stolen.

The game finally starts in front of the largest crowd I've seen at Jeffrey Field in a long time and an atmosphere was pretty exciting to be a part of. To start out Penn State's Cory Hertzog scores HIS 12th GOAL IN 12 GAMES afew minutes in on a pass that was probably offsides, but Akron responded a few moments, after which the entire Akron team ran over towards the Penn State student section of about 1200 strong and blew kisses and waved. That was when the fun started.

For the rest of the game it was a contest to see who could get away with more slide tackles, elbows to the groin, and hand gestures to the crowd. I'm all for a chippy game, but this was to the point the referee's didn't have a whole lot of control, or consistency.

Once overtime came the score was still tied 1-1 and the short version is Penn State lost on a penalty kick in the 2nd OT. Penn State's goalie dove for the ball in the box taking out a Akron forward in the process. It was a ticky-tack call, but in the end the right call. After the game the Akron bench, and team ran across the field to throw their shirts in the air, wave to the student section, and blow more kisses their way. We're not talking 30 yards from them, we're talking 15 feet. I know that the Penn State student body, and many college student's around the country have had less than classy moments, but at somepoint you have to remember you're ranked #1 in the nation, and almost lost. On their way back to their bench some pushing and shoving between teams began, mostly in an attempt to get the Penn State bench to clear. It worked, but nobody actually fought.

None of this really matters, and it won't make Sportscenter, but it was pretty interesting, and I don't think anybody who went to the game will forget it. On to the news...

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