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Nitt Links Doesn't Like Being Tied With Pitt


---Hot Topics---

With Nick Sukay out, Penn State corner D'Anton Lynn's future may be at safety

Nick Sukay's season-ending pectoral injury has Penn State's coaching staff contemplating some major changes in the secondary.

State College, PA - Penn State Football: Why Losing in 2010 is Different

Why is it taking only six games in 2010, half of them wins, for the criticism of Joe Paterno and Penn State to reach a fever pitch that took years to build despite four out of five losing seasons from 2000-2004?

Bottom 10: Coming home to college football futility - ESPN

Pitt and Penn State are coming home to college football futility, also known as the Bottom 10.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn St targets NCAAs in Washington's 4th year

Is this part of Curley's vision?

Penn State Wrestling Single Dual Ticket Sale Set

Fans wishing to purchase single dual meet tickets for the 2010-11 Penn State Nittany Lion wrestling season can place their orders starting on Monday, October 18 at 10am. Season ticket holders will have the advantage of ordering up to four additional tickets for any home matches on Friday, October 15, before going on sale to the public.

Penn State Recruiting 10/14/10

Really, not too much again this week, their won't be much until the Michigan game.

YouTube - Teach Me How To Bucky

Only some of you will get this, if you aren't sure whats going on Youtube "Teach me how to Doogie"

Sorry that today's Nitt Links is this short, I've got a exam so the combo of a bye week + studying hasn't left me with tons of time to browse Bleacher Report for the next big article. We'll be back to the usual level on monday. Have a great weekend everybody.