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Nitt Links Is Ready For Some Hoops

Despite a lot of your best efforts Penn State basketball is now only 19 days away. Media day was pretty positive, and you can tell the team just wants to get to it. We'll have more coverage later on in the day, but right now I'll give you a little push..root for this team. Talor gets the press, but these guys put a lot of work in every single day. Maybe they aren't Duke, but they're your team. The worst thing that will happen is you can say you were there when it came together. Go ahead and make jokes, but they still play with a Penn State logo on their pant leg chest

---Hot Topics---

Guessing at next U coach part of the fun |

Joel Maturi said he wanted to restore the fun to Minnesota football, and he's accomplished that much already -- for the fans

Penn State: Penn State football Sean Stanley marijuana possession -

Huh...well..that's not good.

Basketball Media Day–Looking At 5 Major Questions

I'm sure there will be more media day stuff to read, but this is all we've got so far.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ex-Penn State cornerback Adam Taliaferro offers promise for injured Rutgers tackle Eric LeGrand - ESPN New York

Former Penn State cornerback Adam Taliaferro, who knows first-hand the fear that results from a paralyzing spinal injury, says encouragement will play the biggest role for Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand's future.

Brothers Battle and Buie happy together in PSU backcourt |

Big shots, crazy endings and upsets when many are watching. Battle has been in the middle of all of those outside of the NCAAs. This is a young man who'd never shrink from such an overwhelming sensory venue – if only he could reach it. Whether Battle succeeds or fails, he loves rising to a critical moment and is never afraid of it. If only it was up to him alone, there'd be no problem.

Bye week a chance for U-M to heal | | The Detroit News

Injury-riddled Michigan is 5-2, 1-2 Big Ten after losing consecutive games to Michigan State and Iowa, both at Michigan Stadium. Most of the Wolverines are happy they have a break Saturday.