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Nitt Links Sorta Feels Bad For Minnesota...Sorta

They're trying to so hard, I just want to hug their fans and tell them it'll be ok...someday.

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Opinion: Joe Must Know | Onward State

We don't give Onward State enough love. They do a good job over there. In the end we can't have enough "Joe must go" in our bye week. Lets read another take on it...

Institution Data-Penn State

Over the past few days there has been talk of how much money the basketball program really makes. Well, this has the answer to all of your questions and then some. In short, a lot more than you think.

Penn State Football: More of the Status Joe

Joe Paterno has decided, as he always does, the problems of 2010 can be fixed without major tinkering.

“We came away from the Illinois game with the idea that, ‘Hey, we had some problems,’ ” Paterno said at his regular Tuesday press conference.  “We debated that. We were going to make a couple of switches, but after looking at the Illinois game, we decided we were…OK; we are not going to make a lot of switches.”

---Best Of The Rest---

The key to a Penn State football turnaround? It might be the unknown |

The 2010 college football season is full of great stories no one saw coming. Why can't the Nittany Lions be one of them next year?

Spread in Penn State game seems way out of whack - York Dispatch

The number nearly jumps off the page. Penn State is a 91/2-point favorite -- on the road -- against Minnesota on Saturday afternoon.

Victory Bell Rings Basketball Podcast

I can't lie to you anymore. I blog in two places at once. Here and over at VBR. I just started up a basketball Podcast so any input is welcome. This is my first attempt at it so I'm sure they'll get better with time. If you give it a listen thanks!

Slow States Podcast #11

While we're on podcasts. I'll say it again, if you haven't listened to Slow State's podcast's you should.