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Nitt Links Is So Glad The Bye Week Is Almost Over

If you think it's slow having to wait 2 weeks for the next game, try and have to come up with a post everyday with new stories everyday. You have no idea how many recycled articles the internet is floating out there. Don't go and look, I'll tell you. Think of Chad Henne's chin, now think of two of them. That's how many, a very large amount. For what it's worth, there is a late night Katy Perry marathon on my tv right now, so heads up for any spelling errors.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State Nittany Lions may get injured linebackers back

Penn State may get three injured linebackers back for this week's game against Minnesota.

Banning Twitter for Student-Athletes: Good Move or Bad? | BuzzMgr

A little known fact about Brandon Ware's twitter account. It's his second account after he was banned from twitter for literally exceeding his hourly tweet limit. I'm all for players having lives. If Evan Royster wants to play golf that's fine with me, but quite honestly Brandon Ware is dead weight in regards to his scholarship. I wouldn't mind as much if he wasn't spending every waking moment tweeting.

Pac-12 hopes to battle Big Ten as network stars -

Last weekend, USC women's volleyball Coach Mick Haley was in Phoenix, where his Trojans were to play Arizona State. And what he saw on television frustrated him...

---Best Of The Rest---

State College Area School District | Memorial Field

As a State High Alum I'm pretty proud of the football program, they're 71-29 in their last 100 games including a few AAAA Division titles, and a run to the State Championship game last year. I'm not really 100% on how many people who read BSD are in the State College area, but if you are, and hadn't heard, the school board is renovating Memorial Field before it falls apart. The link is to the 3 basic plans they'll be looking at.

Denard Robinson Expected To Play At Penn State

With key players banged up and the Michigan Wolverines on a two-game skid, the bye week couldn't have come at a better time.

No. 9 Penn State Defeats Ohio State, 3-0

Put the streak counter at 2 and the Blair Brown hotness level at 11.