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Nitt Links- Don't Forget To Pack Your Trophy

If you watch this video backwards it's actually Jay Paterno being carried kicking and screaming from the Obama rally across the street. "I can catch the next plane!!"

Well this is a lot more fun huh? Joe might not know a lot about the Internet, but he knew that something bad would happen to it if Penn State lost. Thankfully we've still got BSD to fall back on to today and thankfully we won't spend our week reading TAPS posts about somebodies wife told some guy at a tailgate about how her husband doesn't like the way a coworker is treating him in the office.

All of that aside it's good to be back on the winning track. We'll have this debate all week, but Michigan is a beatable team, this win goes a long way for a young squad.


Gopher Football: Different Coach, Same Result - The Daily Gopher

Penn State wins game, loses quarterback

Penn State-Minnesota Review

Backups step in to keep Penn State alive, beat Minnesota 33-21

---Hot Topics---

Third-string quarterback Matt McGloin makes a memory

I usually watch the game with twitter in hand. Reading the reaction of the interwebs before McGloin's touchdown, and after it was on of the greatest things that I have seen on twitter. You can't help but be happy for the kid.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno shares moment with legendary Minnesota coach Murray Warmath |

Joe: "Yea Murray, Goodluck with this one"

Frank Bodani: Just enjoy the ride, Penn State football fans - The York Daily Record

Heads up on the lack of formatting.

---Best Of The Rest---

Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl knew BBQ was violation, according to termination letter - ESPN
During the barbecue that got him into hot water with the NCAA, Bruce Pearl told recruits and their families at his home that their visit equated to an NCAA violation, according to the termination of employment agreement between Pearl and the university.

Can you imagine the conversation?

Pearl: "Do you like it here?"

Recuit: "Yea coach it's great!"

Pearl: "Would you like it here without me?"

Recruit: "Yea I guess so, the campus is nice and the girls are pretty"

Pearl:"Ok good because we're breaking sooo many rules right now, want another beer?"

USC and other traditional powers poised to play BCS spoiler role

I'm sort of hoping they climb up the rankings and messing things up enough to piss some people off. BCS is a joke, and each year something else happens to prove that.


It's like Pat Forde's articles, only less annoying.

Your reward for a good weekend