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Nitt Picks Likes Games With Names

The movement to rename the Beaver Stadium turf "Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium" continues to gain momentum, and is now trying to strengthen its support among students, according to this morning's Daily Collegian.

Warren Armstrong has appointed Penn State student Meg Hill to lead the group Students for Paterno Field.

As a part of Armstrong’s effort to honor Coach Joe Paterno, the student group will petition to name Beaver Stadium’s field to Paterno Field through on-campus demonstrations and letters written to administrators.


He began by writing letters to Penn State officials and editors of local newspapers.

Since then, Armstrong said he has talked to more than 1,000 people through grassroots campaigning and has initiated a large advertising campaign.

I don't mean to poo-poo the efforts to honor Paterno because I feel all parties here have their hearts in the right place, but is this really the best we can do? It seems like almost everyone these days uses the "XXX at XXX" to honor former greats. To me, it just seems like a cliche gesture to a man who's been anything but cliche.

I've always personally been behind the movement to re-zone the Beaver Stadium area Joe, PA. It's clever, marketable, and something that could legitimately become part of the fabric of the Penn State football experience rather than a blurb that only gets referenced in press releases.

But that's just me. I'm sure there are plenty of ideas out there, which is why it'd be nice to see a senior class gift approach taken to honor Paterno at the stadium if this movement is legitimately going to organize. Get a committee together, solicit the fan base for ideas, whittle down to the best ones and open it up to a vote. If the winner is PF@BS, great. If not, then the whole fan base will still have a say in how to honor its hero.

THON vs. Interfraternity/Panhellenic Dance Marathon

Some greeks are ticked off about the new THON cans, which debuted this weekend with only "THON" on the front.

Some greek leaders said they’re disappointed they weren’t informed that canning material for the 2011 Interfraternity/Panhellenic Dance Marathon refers to the event as THON instead of its full name.

"As far as I know, the name is still the Interfraternity/Panhellenic Dance Marathon," PHC Vice President for Communications Marina Matteo said. "So I’m not sure why they changed it."

Organization officials cite clarity as the reason for the move, but IFC President Max Wendkos, speaking from the position of a man who once told members to fudge University drinking survey, is still wrangled

"We fully understand the reasons that THON’s current leaders have cited for omitting the event’s full name on the new canning materials. They make sense. Our only interest here is in preserving the ‘Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic’ namesake out of respect to THON’s founders and to maintain the 37-year-old tradition that binds the Penn State Greek community," Wendkos wrote in an e-mail Sunday night.

If this is really all "For The Kids," stuff like this shouldn't be happening, at least not publicly. THON had a record number of canners out this past weekend. The focus should be on that and not the piece of paper that gets stuck to the can. Put the egos aside, folks.

McGloin As "Stable"

Much has been made of Matthew McGloin's "Favre-like" tendencies based mostly on his performance in the Spring game, but Joe Paterno might think otherwise.

"Newsome's a better athlete, but McGloin is more stable," Penn State coach Joe Paterno said. "I didn't want to stick Newsome in a situation that he wasn't quite ready for."

Though his interception and loads of deep balls on Saturday, ironically in Minnesota, could remind you of the swashbuckling dart thrower down the street, maybe everyone should hold off for a little while in buying into this "high risk, high reward" stigma McGloin has earned thus far.

If that statement tells us anything, it's that Paterno thinks McGloin is less likely to screw up than Newsome, which is why he saw time against the Gophers. I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised if the coaches come out firing against Michigan if McGloin is the quarterback. Just something to consider in forming opinions on the quarterback situation.

Everybody Knows...

Opponents can say what they want about the Penn State quarterback situation, but we should all get down on our knees before we go to bed tonight and thank the Good Lord we didn't win the Terrelle Pryor sweepstakes.

"Not to take anything away from Wisconsin at all - I really don't want it to come off like this - but they weren't better than us," (Pryor) said. "Everybody knows that if we play nine out of 10 times, we'd beat Wisconsin."

I don't mean to put down Terrelle Pryor - I really don't want it to come off like this - but I can't think of a bigger punk in college football today. Everybody knows nine out of ten times when he opens his mouth something stupid is going to come out. Shut up and eat your sour grapes, kid. (H/T MGoBlog)

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