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Nitt Links Need Not Remind You Who's Coming To Town

Growing up in State College, I've always known to hate Michigan. The never ending battles in Ann Arbor that never seemed to go Penn State's way, the huge chins, the last second wins, no matter how far back, a loss to Michigan always stings. While sports pale in comparison to real world problems and issues, I will forever remember where I was when Penn State lost to Michigan in 2005. Camping in the woods in Boy Scouts listening to the game on the radio, Steve Jones holding every nano second of my attention. After that play, I cried. I'm not proud of that fact, but I sat on my stump in the woods listening to the radio hoping that there would be a flag. It never came, and I've never looked at Michigan the same way again.

That being said, I'm not going to blindly disrespect the team coming into town this weekend. From everything I have read Denard Robinson is a young man in good standing, well regarded among his peers and community. For that I must tip my hat. Too often do big  name players assume that we all steal, murder, and cheat. I may be in the minority, but I've got some respect for Lloyd Carr, and even though I don't like to admit it, I get Hail to The Victors stuck in my head more than I should.

So while I respect you Michigan, I haven't forgotten what you've done to me. Just be glad you aren't from a squarer state a little farther south or I may not be so kind.

Welcome to Michigan week folks.

---Hot Topics---

Facebook | Project 7

For those of you without Facebook. Project 7 is a facebook event that started up yesterday urging everyone, mostly students, to be in line, or inside of Beaver Stadium by 7 this weekend. I think those of us who get to the game early are tired of reading about those of us who aren't. A little smack upside the head never hurt anyone I suppose.

Penn State quarterback Bolden probable

Praise Zug. No offense to McGloin and Co, but I think we'd all feel better seeing Bolden under center.

Denard Robinson is ready to face Penn State

Robinson, who has been nursing a shoulder sprain in his (right) throwing arm, said he’s feeling rested and healthy coming off a bye; he will start Saturday at Penn State.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State Football: 'Rally in the Valley' Planned for Friday

If for no other reason than Joe will tell another classic story.

Report: Penn State to host Eastern Michigan in 2013

Pick your direction, they might be coming.

Michigan-Penn State game offers redemption chance

PSU 3:18 And God said it was good, and so with fire like the breath of Les Miles,  Tim Tebow came down onto the soil of the field saying "Go, for you are saved"" To which Joe Paterno replied "gettem outta here!!"