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How Technology Has Enhanced Football - Part I

(The folks at Samsung have been kind enough to sponsor a series of posts you will probably see sprinkled around SBNation today. This is the first of a three part series in which they asked us to share how technology has enhanced our experience as fans.)

You guys all know I love to read and talk about Penn State history here on BSD. Sometime last year I purchased a copy of the 1987 Fiesta Bowl on DVD. When it finally came in the mail I sat down that night to watch it immediately after I put the kids to bed.

As I watched the Nittany Lion defense swarm all over the field I was shockingly reminded how hard it was to watch football games back in the day. I couldn't look away from the television and come back just before the snap. When I did I found myself completely lost. What down is it? How many yards to go? How much time is on the clock? And yes, I even asked myself once or twice what quarter they were in.

I don't know of any single technological advance that has enhanced watching a football game on television more than the virtual yellow line at the first down marker. I have no idea how they do that thing, but it has completely changed the way fans view the game today. And the thing is so accurate that everyone on television can tell if a play results in a first down long before the officials bring out the chains and measure.

How has technology enhanced football for you?

(If you're interested, you can see how they make those lines at this site.)