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Garry Gilliam Tears ACL

Another week, another torn ACL.

This time, it's redshirt freshman tight end Garry Gilliam who apparently will be done for the season, or so coach Joe Paterno told the press Saturday night following Penn State's 24-3 loss to Iowa.

"He's got an ACL [tear] just like [right tackle Lou] Eliades," Paterno said. "I said to Doc, 'can we play one game without losing a football player for the season?' That was a big situation, no question about it."

With primary tight end Andrew Szczerba out as well, that leaves the Nittany Lions with freshman Kevin Haplea and hybrid widout-tight end Brett Brackett at the position. Brackett could be pretty respectable as a pass catching option, but it's hard to see him helping out much in run blocking. This is a big loss for Penn State, especially because the Lions seemed to target the tight ends a little more against Iowa, something they hadn't done much of in the first four games. Best wishes to Garry for a quick recovery.