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Nitt Links Thinks The Internet Needs To Take A Deep Breath

At the start of the season we all knew what we were in for. Everywhere you looked there were 500 million articles about Penn State playing Alabama, Iowa, and Ohio State on the road, you know the drill. Now that it's starting to unfold it seems like the Internet is blowing up. "Joe doesn't know what he's doing" ..."Rob Bolden couldn't hit the side of Chad Henne'schin"'s just a never ending pile of..well..something I've come to expect from FOS.

For the most part we keep it together here at BSD and I commend you all for keeping it that way. For those of you close to the ledge, come back down, age wise Penn State is fielding a team that could almost be playing high school football in Florida. It might not always be pretty, but it's much more likely to get better, not worse.

Off the soapbox and on to Illinois


The Sky is Not Falling | NittanyWhiteOut

Iowa smothers Penn State 24-3

Iowa 24, Penn State 3: The Pwnage Must Continue

---Hot Topics---

After improvement, an Illini victory at Penn St.? - Peoria, IL -

Illinois put up a pretty good fight against Ohio State this weekend, a similar sort of fight Penn State basketball tends to put up against Michigan State. Hard fought, but generally not normal for the rest of the season. Time will only tell.

The real question

The more I read Devon Smith quotes the more I like him. He says what he's thinking and it's usually along the lines of what we're all thinking. He has the fire this team is lacking. I know I'll go to hell for saying it, but some SEC swagger on the sidelines couldn't hurt.

Joe Paterno Has Age and Experience, His Team Doesn't -- NCAAFB FanHouse

Hey, it's Devon again. On the money with what we've all figured out. In Joe's defense though he called for a timeout pretty loudly at the end of the first half.

---Best Of The Rest---

Goal line failure has Lions seething

Maybe Bolden should have extended his arms, that being said everything looks reasonable in slow motion.

State College, PA - NHL Players, Coaches Have Eyes on Penn State

PSU kicks off homecoming week

Have a great monday everybody.