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Nitt Links Can't Even Spell Scheelhaase

Ok, we've had our fun running around blowing off steam.The Internet is a wild place, and it's full of opinions, that is why they invented Bleacher Report after all. Illinois is only a few days away and given the fight they put up against Ohio State it would be unwise to blow them off too soon. Lets get to it.

---Hot Topics---

Illinois quarterback still adjusting to college style

This weekend could be a great game for those of us who think the sky isn't falling. Not in final score, but in regards to quarterback comparison. While I'm not attempting to slight the career Scheelhaase may have, Rob Boldenand him have had very contrasting starts to their first college season. A strong game by Bolden could go a long way in proving to some people that Bolden isn't your average true freshman.

Shake-up unlikely for Penn State offense - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

I think Joe nails it on the head when it comes to the offense's real issues. Execution. Penn State didn't lose it's two games because they were overpowered (You could make a case for Alabama) but rather trouble with execution. A few better blocks here, and a few catches there and you're looking at a different game. I think that's what gives a lot of people hope, it's obvious when a team doesn't have talent, this isn't one of those situations.

Paterno Blue About the Red Zone

A lot of really good numbers in this article. Sometimes stats can be misleading, but they do give you a good overall picture of the situation.

---Best Of The Rest---

Illini covet a victory at Penn State-The Telegraph

I don't really see Illinois having the talent to get the win this weekend, but if I was an Illinois fan I could see why you'd think this was your best shot at the win in Happy Valley.

This is why I'm often critical of Penn State football -by Cory Giger

We may not always agree, but at the end of the day we're just talking about a game. Giger has heard back from a lot of people and it only seems fair to give him his due. I will give him this though. Penn State could be, and ought to be considered a Elite program (Florida, Alabama, Texas..) but we're not there yet. At least not this year.

Penn State's arrival could affect Colorado College in a few years

I think examples like this are the real reason why a Big Ten Hockey conference isn't worth it. Unlike a lot of major sports, college hockey is generally dominated by lesser known, and often times smaller schools. Of course there is a mix of sizes, but Colorado College is no Ohio State. While I don't know the details of the economic situation for these programs it may be better for everyone in the long run to have Penn State join an exisiting conference rather than mixing up the whole landscape of a sport. While you might not like Notre Dame or Michigan, college football is beter off when those programs are good. The same goes for schools like Colorado College in hockey.

Have a great day folks. And Happy Birthday to Gods Gift