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Nitt Links Doesn't Like Where This Is Headed

Sean Stanley and Derrick Thomas both missed out on the plane ride to Iowa and for the most part it went by quickly without much fuss. Now that we've all had time to settle down after the game more information is beggining to come out about the reasoning behind their missed flight. For the most part it was assumed to be an issue with grades, or a missed practice, something on the lower end of the serious scale. That may not be the case though. Joe had this to say when asked about their situation.

I’m telling you, we were told that we’re breaking the law if we talk about it. If any kid is in any way not allowed to play for one reason or another, we have a long letter from the university administration not to discuss it.

So whatever is going it looks like Derrick Thomas, and Sean Stanley may have a long road ahead of them if they want to see the field. That's if they're lucky.

---Hot Topics---

Joe Paterno's reluctance to address status of Sean Stanley, Derrick Thomas

This somehow missed our radar yesterday so sorry if you ran into this on your own.

Penn State basketball student ticket sale set for today

Stop by the HUB today and pick up your season tickets. There should be a lot of fun things to do while you're there. Free food, games, and a chance to hang with the team.

Penn State Football: Cappelletti Named Big Ten Icon

October 12th on BTN. Check your local listings as they say.

---Best Of The Rest---

Zook looking to put pressure on Bolden - The Daily Collegian Online

"I think the No. 1 thing is you want to take away the things that he’s shown in the first part of the season here to be successful," Zook said."And try to force him to do some things maybe that he hasn’t done."

Penn State Recruiting 10/6/10

A rather long list of recruits coming in for the Michigan game. Should be a great atmosphere to show off.

Road trip to Penn State will get noisy | The Daily Illini

Unfortunately for the Illini, who head to Penn State this weekend, not many in the program have had success in Happy Valley — the Illini are 0-6 all-time at Beaver Stadium, the second-largest stadium in the country with a capacity of 107,282.

The Body Issue: Photo gallery of Penn State athletes - ESPN

This is pretty cool. Hard to really explain without clicking yourself. Jack Crawford still scares me.

Got three exams today. Wish your fellow BSDer well.