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Nitt Links Is On A Pay-To-Blog Plan

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It never ceases to amaze me what schools will do to get players to come play for them. It remains to be seen how much of this Cam Newton clusterpryor is really true, but as of right now it isn't looking good for maybe the nations most exciting player. The whole situation seems a little shady, but it wouldn't be college football without 16 different people playing to their own agenda through a student athlete. Thankfully Penn State, and really the whole Big Ten doesn't have to deal with issues like this as often as the SEC.

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Penn State still has demons to exorcise in Columbus

Something about that makes the whole thing sound so much more serious, but it does affirm my theory of what really lies behind the sweater vest.

Talor Battle back for final season at Penn State |

With 1,526 points over his first three years, Battle is 613 away from becoming PSU's career scoring leader.

ESPN sources: SEC informed of alleged Cam Newton pay-for-play plan in January

ESPN reported tonight that two sources who recruit for Mississippi State said Cam Newton and his father, Cecil Newton Sr., talked in separate phone conversations of a pay-for-play plan while Newton was being recruited late last year

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Washington Redskins Deal of the Day

Some GREAT seating deals for the Penn State game at Fed Ex Field. If you haven't gotten tickets yet this is a great chance to. Do it quickly though because the deals only last until midnight tonight.

Huge point spread motivates Penn State - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The talk of the Penn State locker room has shifted from the identity of the starting quarterback to a perceived national insult that running back Evan Royster said could motivate the team as it prepares to meet Ohio State on Saturday.

Presser Notes: Penn State Week | Eleven Warriors

The Ohio State aspect aside, you really should be reading this blog when you get a chance to.

Royster, Redd and running game help spark PSU's turnaround

Cory Giger has finished making posts about emails and his top 3 coaches of all time and is back to football. I guess that's a good thing..