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Nitt Links Is Glad The Internet Is Still Here

All good things must come to an end, and it seems that maybe our hero from Scranton has found his. This is not to suggest that he didn't play well at times, or that Penn State would have had a better shot with Bolden, but McGloin was really playing because of the fortune of a lot of things going his way. It is hard to imagine that McGloin gets the same opportunity to play if Penn State had played 3 top 25 teams in a row, rather than two struggling teams in the bottom to middle of the Big Ten. Going into the weekend Penn State was riding on the hot goalie, and if you ever watch the NHL, the hot goalie always cools off. So I salute you Matt McGloin, and who knows, you might be throwing long bombs in DC (I bet that threw up a red flag somewhere) but in case you aren't, this is my official thank you.


Ohio State 38, Penn State 14: The Curious Case of Matt McMorelli Penn State implodes, falls at Ohio State 38-14

What's a McGloin? Bucks Ride Boom to Win | Eleven Warriors

---Hot Topics---

Penn State lands offensive tackle recruit

This makes the weekend feel a little better right?

Penn State consistent with inconsistency | Philadelphia Daily News |

"Will it will be Rob Bolden, who struggled most of the season before suffering a concussion, or Matt McGloin, who had two interceptions returned for touchdowns against Ohio State. But will the quarterback matter, especially in the regular-season finale Nov. 27 against Big Ten co-leader Michigan State?"

--Seems a little unfair there

Penn State Plays Not to Lose -- and Gets Routed

This article is actually unofficially  dated 2000-2010. Which I thought was kind of funny.

Michael Rosenberg: Michigan State's special season could hinge on Penn State game | | Detroit Free Press

And this my friends is why we still have something to play for. Winner gets to NOT keep the trophy

---Best of The Rest---

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Recap: PSU 70 Lehigh 56 " Raise the Curtains

PSU sees different teams on field - Sports | Centre Daily Times

As wacky as it sounds, if the Nittany Lions could have built upon the momentum of their 14-3 halftime lead at Ohio State instead of falling apart for a 38-14 loss on Saturday, they would have still been in position to earn a share of the Big Ten title.

Big East Football: Why It Makes Perfect Sense For Penn State | Bleacher Report
I put this in here just so you could have fun with it.