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Nitt Links: Maybe It's Jeff Brooks Time?

Jeff Brooks has become something of a inside joke for Penn State basketball fans. He always looks really good, but he never seems to play up to his potential. Brooks really could be the most athletic player on the team, but he so often just looks silly out there waving his 17 foot long arms around. That being said Brooks has really started to find himself this year. It is only two games into a very long season, but Brooks, no matter how late into his time at Penn State seems to have gotten going. So far through two games Brooks has scored 28 points, has had 19 rebounds, and 6 blocked shots. Those numbers are just a tangible example of Brook's improved game. To put it into perspective, last season Brooks only had 14 blocked shots which led the team. At the rate he is going now he could be in the area of a record setting season.

Here here Jeff Brooks. Even if you're four years late.

---Hot Topics---

PSU's Sean Stanley cited for disorderly conduct, his second run-in with law -

Turns out it was Peeing On The Sidewalk Weekend at Penn State.

YouTube - Anthony Alosi 2009

Just a heads up, the highlights sort of broadly circle the offensive line as if to say "Yea, he's one of those guys in there" Thanks a bunch.

Hoosiers trying to turn page on defensive debacle -

The Badgers ran for 338 yards, finished with 596 total yards, scored on all 13 offensive possessions and did all that without their best running back.

Dear Penn State,

Do that.

Thanks, BSD



---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State football comments: Is running up score wrong in college football?

I myself am a Wisconsin fan. I like their basketball program, and I like watching a 634 pound John Clay run people over. All of that aside, Brett Bielema is (can I say this?) an assbutt. The whole "My coaching card said to go for 2" bit is pretty ridiculous.

MSU Men's Basketball to Play UNC On Aircraft Carrier In 2011

I talked to TOC guys last night and they seem to agree that this is legit. Frankly I don't care if it doesn't make sense. The idea of watching basketball with F-18's just off to the side of the court while the waves and gunships go by makes me way too happy.

Soccer team earns first round bye - The Daily Collegian Online

The Lions will face the winner of Thursday night’s Old Dominion-University of Virginia matchup 3 p.m. Sunday at Jeffrey Field. The men’s soccer tournament field contains only 48 teams, and the Lions earned the No. 15 seed, which gave them the right to host their second round game at home as the top 16 seeds earned first round byes.