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Joe Paterno Presser Highlights: Indiana

It was a basketball night here at BSD so apologies for getting this up really late, but better late than never right? Here's a recap of Joe Paterno's press conference on Tuesday. (Transcript)

  • Believes linebacker Michael Mauti will miss this week's game but expects Stephfon Green to be OK.
  • On Matt McGloin against Ohio State and his playing time on Saturday: "Well, yeah, Mac, played really well until the second half, obviously. He had what you expect sometimes of young quarterbacks. He got a little careless with the football; made up his mind to whom he was going to throw the football, and threw it right into the hands of the Ohio State kids who did a good job. Their linebackers did a really good job amongst a couple of things. I expect him to start."
  • Said "We'll find out" about Silas Redd's playing status after his public urination citation.
  • Praised wide receiver Justin Brown's potential.
  • Isn't sure why Indiana is moving this week's game to Washington, but doesn't really care, either.
  • Gave opponents credit for playing well against Penn State's return game. Said the team continues to practice returns the same amount, but other teams are just making plays on special teams.
  • Believes Pete Massaro has a bright future, but hasn't had as much of a chance to show it this year as he might have liked because of injuries.
  • On tackling issues: "Well, the guys...when you miss tackles, obviously it's one of two things: Either you did a lousy job in your technique tackling, or the other guy is that good, he's that quick, and he sets you up well enough that he can beat you. I think it's a combination. Most games we have tackled pretty well. And then we've played against some people that have done well running the football."
  • Expects Nate Stupar and Khairi Fortt to replace Mauti this week.
  • Believes playing in Washington will be a good experience for the kids, but doesn't know what to expect.
  • On losing four games by 20 points this season: "So, I think there's a lot of things. And the fact that we only had...we had 59 kids on the squad that are freshmen or sophomores. And you are bound to have those days where things, you know, you can't make something happen for yourself, and anything adverse that happens, is probably a little bit more dramatic than it would be when you get all of the kids, but we are a very young football team. We don't have many the kids who are going to leave this football team who are players who won't be here next year"
  • Penn State will fly to D.C. because of the early kick.
  • Believes the quarterback position settling down will be important for improvement int the future.
  • On Indiana's game against Iowa: "I spent a lot of time looking at the game against Iowa because I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Iowa personnel and I thought that Indiana really did a good job against them. I was really impressed that they went toe to toe with Iowa. They went at it. And they were a good looking football team against Iowa"