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Sprawl and Brawl Duals Preview

Penn State heads back to Binghamton New York this weekend for their annual trip to the Sprawl and Brawl duals. Some of the matches may not seem all that appealing but their will still be plenty of interesting individual match ups. Unfortunately a few guys like Alton and Taylor will need to wait a few more weeks to get their first real tests. 


Penn State vs Harvard

This match should be about on par with the Bloomsburg match on Friday. Maybe a few less bonus points but this one should be extremely lopsided. 

125: Frank Martellotti vs Steven Keith
Keith is a returning NCAA qualifier this should be a good step up in opposition for Frank. Matellotti's gotten off to a good start so far but I'm not sure if he's quite seasoned enough to beat Keith. This is definitely a swing match that could go either way though. 
Keith by dec

133: Bryan Pearsall vs Fermin Mendez
Mendez is a senior but Pearsall has far more experience at this point their careers. Mendez is definitely a team depth kind of guy having wrestled from 125 up to 141, but he hasn't had much success at any of those weights.
Pearsall by dec

141: #12 Andrew Alton vs Joe Alie
A battle of true freshman Alie could be in a for a world of hurt in this one. I don't normally predict pins unless the guys have a history or if it's a natural pinner like Phil Davis. But why not ride the hot hand.
Andrew Alton by fall

149: #3 Frank Molinaro/James English vs #9  Corey Jantzen
Tough to predict without knowing who is going to wrestle for Penn State I'm still not 100% convinced we'll see Frank this weekend. Although it's tough to sit him against three ranked guys. I think if Frank wrestles it would be a toss up especially if Frank isn't at 100%. I think Jantzen beats English easily but English keeps it close enough to not give up bonus points. 
Jantzen by dec over English

157: #6 David Taylor vs Walter Peppleman 
Peppleman is pretty tough wrestler from Central PA but I don't think he's on the same level as Taylor. Peppleman is dangerous from the top position like Taylor so this could be a fun match if it goes to the mat. I do think Walter will put up much tougher competition than either of David's first two opponents have. 
Taylor by dec

165: #12 Jake Kemerer vs Adam Hogue
Hogue comes in finishing just about .500 his freshman year at Harvard. He should be an easy win for the now ranked Jake Kemerer. But as was witnessed this weekend, it's unlikely we'll see Jake put up many bonus points.
Kemerer by dec

174: #14 Ed Ruth vs Ian Roy/ Micheal Sadler
Neither Sadler or Roy have much to talk about in the way of accomplishments. Sadler was 1 - 17 as a sophomore as a junior his bio just says he competed in 12 matches that should tell you something. Roy has an uncle that was a gymnast at Penn State so there's that. 
Ruth by tech fall

184 #6 Quentin Wright vs Cameron Croy 
I expect Wright to bounce back after a disappointing opening weekend with a big win over the true freshman Croy.
Wright by maj dec

197 Justin Ortega vs Sean Murphy / Andy Olsen
Olsen is coming off two seasons cut short by inury, Murphy is coming off two seasons with really bad records. This is a match the Ortega absolutely has to win. But I have very little faith in him getting it done. 
Murphy/Olsen by dec

Hwt #9 Cameron Wade vs Sean Murphy / Andy Olsen
Not often you see a guy getting bumped up from 97 to wrestle heavyweight but that's what you have here. Wade should have no problem with either one of them. I'd love to see Wade pick up the offense this week, but I've been waiting to see that for awhile. The one thing I will say is there is no excuse for Wade giving up reversals to either of these guys with his size he should be able ride them like mules. 
Wade by dec

Final Score Penn State 28 Harvard 9
Expect another lopsided win for Penn State obviously this thing can get even more lopsided if Frank is back in the lineup. Should be a good fairly easy start to the three match slate.


Penn State vs West Virginia

West Virginia isn't quite the team they've been the past few years but they still have some talented kids in the lineup that will give a few Penn State guys problems. 

125 Frank Martellotti vs Shane Young
Young is a really good wrestler he was a three time PA state champ in high school. As a freshman he had a mediocre collegiate debut. Pataky beat him in last years dual 11 5. I think this should be a great match up between two very accomplished wrestlers. I think Young's year at the college level gives him a leg up. 
Young by dec

133 Bryan Pearsall vs Nathan Pennesi 
Pennesi had a 9 - 2 record as a freshman and comes in with 3 wins over weak opposition so far this year. This is another toss up bout to start the dual. Two very equal wrestlers, Pennesi didn't wrestle in last years dual. Bryan will need to up the offensive to pull this one out. 
Pearsall by dec

141 #12 Andrew Alton vs Micheal Morales 
Another true freshman for Alton I'm not sure I've seen someone start with so many freshman in one year. Morales has been somewhat impressive in his two wins this year against limited opposition. I think this is another match Alton wins easily but just because I think the pin streak needs to end somewhere I think Morales takes him the distance. 
Alton by maj dec

149 #3 Frank Molinaro / James English vs #8 Brandon Rader
It's a shame Frank isn't 100% because this would have been a good weekend for him to make statement that he is one of the guys to beat at 149. Rader is a tough wrestler but he's had terrible problems staying healthy so far in his career. He's already missed at least parts of 3 seasons due to inury, but he has shown some pretty good things when healthy. It's really somewhat of shame he hasn't been able to stay healthy as he could have been a major player at this weight. Again I'm going to make my pick based on English being in the lineup due to not knowing if Frank will wrestle. 
Rader by maj dec over English

157 #6 David Taylor vs Ryan Goodman
Goodman was an NCAA qualifier as a true freshman but missed most of last season due to an injury. So far this year he's off to a slow start at 1 - 2 including a loss by fall. I think David should control this match and there could be chance for big bonus points here. Cyler pinned Goodman in last years dual meet.
Taylor by maj dec

165 #12 Jake Kemerer vs #14 Donnie Jones 
Jones is a three time NCAA qualifier and he could be a very tough style match up for Kemerer. Jones is very quick wrestler especially from his feet. He gave Vallimont trouble last year although Dan was able to win 4 3. So far this year Jones does have one loss getting majored by Maryland's talented Josh Asper. Should be a close tight match, especially if Kemerer's strong defense can keep Jones from creating angles and using his superior to speed to score from neutral. 
Jones by a close decision

174 #14 Ed Ruth vs Matt Weston 
Weston makes the drop down from 184 he doesn't have much of a career record to go off. He is off to a slow start this season and I think this should be an easy win for Ruth. 
Ruth by tech fall

184 #6 Quentin Wright vs Matt Ryan
Erwin beat a then ranked Ryan 7 1 last year, but he is off to a good start this season for West Viriginia. This is a bout a healthy Wright should have no problem winning. 
Wright by dec

197 Justin Ortega vs Kyle Rooney 
Rooney is coming of a roughly 500 year last season. And he's off to the same start this year going 1 - 1 in his first two bouts. That's better than the start Ortega is off to. 
Rooney by dec

Hwt #9 Cameron Wade vs Philip Mandzik 
Mandzik is a junior college transfer wrestling his first year for West Virginia. So far it has not been a pretty start to his NCAA career going 0 3. This is a match Wade should dominate, I expect him to pick up so bonus points here and fall isn't out of the question. 
Wade by maj dec

Final Score Penn State 23 West Virginia 9
Things will be slightly tougher in this match than the first match against Harvard but baring a complete disaster this should be another dominate Penn State performance. There will be some interesting swing matches to watch he especially 165 and 149 if Molinaro gets the start. 


Penn State vs Rutgers

Similar to football Rutgers wrestling is one of those teams that everyone talks about in the preseason and then they usually fade by March when it counts. This year Rutgers welcomes in a boatload of transfers that will immediately boost their lineups especially in the middle weights. This should be a good match up for Penn State. 

125 Frank Martellotti vs Matt Fusco / Joe Langel 
Fusco and Langel have been off to similar starts this year, both picked up pins in their dual meet matches Fusco finished 2nd at the Oklahoma tournament Langel 4th. Fusco is coming off a 500 season last year Langel was an NCAA qualifier a year ago. It seems Langel should have the advantage here but he hasn't seem to have won the job yet over Fusco. I think either guy provides a tough test for Martellotti. But I think Frank caps a tough day with a win for Penn State. 
Martellotti by dec

133 Bryan Pearsall vs Mike DeMarco
DeMarco doesn't have much in the way of past results he had really bad freshman season and didn't wrestle much as a sophomore. Pearsall should have the upper hand in this match and will need to take advantage as Penn State may not be able to count on their middle weights in this dual. 
Pearsall by dec

141 #12 Andrew Alton vs Trevor Melde 
Melde will be the first small step up for Alton this year. Melde is a returning NCAA qualifier but he hasn't done well to start the year not placing in the Oklahoma tournament. Alton should win this match and I think he continues to put up bonus points for Penn State. 
Andrew Alton by maj dec

149 #3 Frank Molinaro / James English vs #13 Mario Mason
The first of the Rutgers transfers, Mason comes to Rutgers after wrestling for Minnesota last year. Molinaro beat Mason easily in the dual at Minnesota last year. I think Frank should easily beat Mason again but I think it's asking a lot expect English to beat him. I don't think Mason scores enough to put up bonus points against English however. 
Mason by dec over English

157 #6 David Taylor vs #18 Daryl Cocozzo
Big step up for Taylor in this one as this will be his first ranked foe of the season. Cocozzo is another transfer coming from Edinboro although he did compete for Rutgers last season. He's an NCAA qualifier and had a pretty good year last year for Rutger including a win over Bilodeau who Taylor beat last week. I think Taylor makes a statement in this match. 
Taylor by tech fall

165 #12 Jake Kemerer vs #8 Scott Winston
Winston is a very tough wrestler who I expect will finish higher than his ranking currently. Winston does have a win over Vallimont last year when he was wrestling unattached. Don't expect this one to be a high scoring slug fest as Winston has always been a slow drag it out wrestler. I expect him to win by a point or two over Kemerer but don't be surprised if Jake picks up a late takedown for the upset. 
Winston by dec

174 #14 Ed Ruth vs Alex Caruso
Caruso is a transfer who was competing for Lehigh last year. Caruso is a two time NCAA qualifier, but did not compete in last year's dual with Lehigh. He's not currently ranked but I would be surprised if he's not ranked by the end of season. This will be a good win for Ruth if he wins it, but an upset here wouldn't surprise me too much. 
Ruth by dec

184 #6 Quentin Wright vs Dan Rinaldi 
Rinaldi is a returning NCAA qualifier who had a solid season last year. Wright will definitely need to be on top of his game if he wants to win this match. Wrestling like he did against Hamlin could result in another loss. 
Wright by dec

197 Justin Ortega vs Mike Wagner
Wagner is a true freshman he's off to decent start in his college career with a fifth place finish in the Oklahoma tournament. Ortega has the experience edge in this bout and like many of the other's he really should be able to win this match. 
Ortega by dec

Hwt #9 Cameron Wade vs #6 DJ Russo 
Russo made it to the round of 12 last year at the NCAA tournament, and will provide the second top ten test for Cameron Wade. Wade again showed he can hold his own against Zach Rey but he still has yet to prove he can beat a top ranked wrestler. I'd love to see Wade beat Russo and I do think he's capable of doing it. 
Russo by dec

Final Score Penn State 24 Rutgers 9
As you can see I have Penn State winning rather lopsided again. But don't be surprised if this match ends up being much tighter in the end. I think Rutgers has the ability to knock of a few of the better Penn State guys or at least limit the damage. The key for Penn State will be getting off to a good start in the lightweights, picking up an upset at 165 or heavyweight would also be huge for Penn State, and I think both weights are very winnable.