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Nitt Links Is Bringing The White House to the White House

I try and stay away from the whole Penn State marketing monster, but if they're going to run with the whole "Wear White" thing, I'm not going to ignore it. Nothing is more annoying than everybody getting the message and then having to look at the 100 people who decided on gameday that they only have black shirts to wear to the game. So consider this your friendly reminder. Otherwise I may confuse you for a Michigan fan and beat  you up.I'm just kidding of course, I would ask where you were from first...

---Hot Topics---

Penn State feels at home in D.C. area for game against Indiana

I'm apparently not the only one who wants to remind you of this.

Penn State Notebook: Brown has tremendous potential

I was always a fan of Bolden to Brown, but I'll just take "to Brown, from whoever"

Is future bright for PSU?

For the sake of Jeff Rice, I hope he says "yes" or in the very least "seems likely"

---Best Of The Rest---

House trio disses Joe Paterno -

The House will honor legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno, but three vote against the measure.

We're not going to turn this into a political thread, but it is a little funny that so many people talk about how the government has better things to do than deal with sports. But when they say "why are we wasting our time with this?" and don't vote for our guy it's a big deal. Again, try and keep this as...politically polite as you can.

Sigh....the internet's struggle

I'll just leave it at that but CAPS MAKES IT REAL!!

Lady Lions work overtime again on the road

2 OT wins in a row and a 3-0 record. Sounds like a deal.