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Nitt Links: Don't Punch Your Friends

BSD isn't a political forum. In fact we spend a small amount of effort to keep it from even coming up. That however does not mean that I can't take a small part of this post and your time to remind you to vote today. It's important, your vote really does count, and it's not hard to do.

Anyway, not a whole lot has changed since we last met. Penn State basketball hosted an open practice, Cory Giger talked about stuff, and Randy Moss needs a home. The internet has done a pretty good job not calling for McGloin to start next week and every game for the rest of forever. I'm sure that along with Joe Paterno will be the major storyline of the week. So keep fighting about that if it makes you happy.

---Hot Topics--

Bowden happy for JoePa as he goes for 400th win

I want to like Bowden, but sometimes it's hard.

Paterno's 400th is this weekend's major Penn State storyline

Try not to overload on the same topic, but it's another good take on a hopefully historic weekend.

Really People?

A Penn State fan dressed up in blue and yellow for Halloween was attacked by four unknown Penn State fans at Beaver Stadium on Saturday night, according to the Centre Daily Times.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State Basketball Practice Video

If you've ever wondered how Talor Battle can shoot from so far away. This is why.

Penn State kicker wins Big Ten honors

I'm not sure if Penn State has a "Most Improved" player award. But Colin Wagner went from "Oh no" to "Mr Automatic". He's had a lot of practice, but he's making 40 yarders look like cake.

ESU Announces Fan Busses for Mens Basketball Exhibition Game at Penn State

I think the game is free, or $5 so if you can go, you really should.

Preseason Power Rankings: Point guard

Guess who's in the Top 15?