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Nitt Links Got To See Bill Lynch Rage Mode

For the most part I like Bill Lynch, mainly because it's hard to hate a guy who's never beat you. He's put a lot of work into making Indiana a respectable program, as a Penn State basketball fan I can relate.

But my lord does that man have a rage mode. During one of the seemingly 100 reviews, Lynch, while spitting and waving his arms turned to one of his assistants and gave the poor guy a forearm shiver to the chest almost knocking him over. After that nice "Thanks for calling that play" shove to his assistant, Lynch chased down an official to introduce him to his new favorite 4 letter word combo. Fortunately the call was overturned and Lynch dialed down his inner Bob Knight-Rich Rod combo and saved it for later.The kicker of course was this was being shown live on the jumbo-tron.

Luckily for Indiana fans they don't have to wait long before they get to deal with a different kind of crazy.


(Blogs tomorrow, the usual suspects, myself included, are still recovering from the weekend)

---Hot Topics---

Defense, special teams spark Penn State to win over Indiana

If there has been one constant this year it's Colin Wagner. You really could make a case for him being the MVP of the season, but it'd be somewhat of a hard sell to do that with McGloin in the running. Either way Wagner gets my respect and added to the growing list of fellow State High alums to make a mark on Penn State football. 

Penn State has say in Big Ten race

I wish Sparty was going to be undefeated heading into this weekend. Either way Penn State better call a timeout or two in garbage time.

New setting no better, football team falls to Penn State

"I thought they said this field makes you play better!!"

---Best of The Rest---

Lions stay undefeated with 30-point win over Gamecocks

Maybe we can steal Kelly Mazzante back from the WNBA for a season?

Sanderson's squad sweeps three dual meets, Alton earns two more pins

Off to a strong start, should be another good season for Sanderson and Co

Penn State's 3 goals in second half dooms ODU in soccer

 Maybe we'll get another Akron matchup.

Phil Davis takes home an $80,000 bonus

Penn, Phil Davis, George Sotiropoulos and Joe Lauzon each earned the $80,000 bonuses for their efforts on Saturday's card from The Palace at Auburn Hills just outside of Detroit, Mich. The awards were announced at the post-fight press conference