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Nitt Links: It's That Time Of Year Again

It wouldn't be the end of the season without somebody, well, everybody asking if Paterno will be back for another season. Somebody always breaks out the token "Number of coaching changes nation wide since Paterno was hired" and then asks him if he's going to die anytime soon. It's tradition, so I guess we can do it again.

In the end, it comes down to this: Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska at home, Big Ten divisions.

Simply put, there is no way Joe misses out on this. The 2011 season has everything Joe wants. One last shot at Alabama, a final home game against Nebraska, and a chance to play within the divisions/expansion he has so badly wanted. By all accounts Joe's health is the best it has been in a few years, and there should be plenty of talent on the 2011 squad to give him a good shot at taking care of business.

I am far from the final say on this, but I have a hard time seeing him missing out on all of that.

---Hot Topics---

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Talk about a non-BCS bowl game. If you told me we'd have a so-so year and get a shot at Florida in the end, I'd take it.

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Will Dantonio call all of his timeouts in the second half?

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So get you butt back to town.

---Best Of The Rest---

MSU QB Kirk Cousins says he'll be ready to play Saturday vs. Penn State | | Detroit Free Press

One of you has a picture of him getting laid out. I want to see it again.

Hertzog Recognized with National Player of the Week Honors

The kid has 20 goals. 20 goals. Don't tell me that even in your North American bias that isn't impressive.

Lions defense will need to improve to beat Michigan State

 That seems about right. Thanks Penn Live.