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Nitt Links: Heads Up, It's Cold And We're Playing MSU

"What was the motivation behind the timeouts at the end of the game?"---There was no motivation there. I think the problem was earlier in the game, so. Just trying to give our guys a rest. (then smiles)

So just a reminder to bundle up this weekend in case things head south for the Spartans. You might end up staying a few extra minutes.

--Hot Topics--- 

Joe Paterno likes being Joe Paterno...

I don't know about you. But when I'm 84, I won't be standing outside in the cold anywhere for four hours. I won't want to do that. So, I won't

That being considered, it's a wonder you enjoy Penn State football games. Oh wait...


It's hard to ever find a way to say it better than EDSBS

Win or lose against Penn State, Spartans could face Nick Saban and Alabama in Capital One Bowl |

the best bet for Spartans fans thinking bowl trip: Fly into Orlando, the site of the Capital One Bowl, where most projections have the Spartans playing Alabama

---Best Of The Rest---

3 from Penn State named to Academic All-America team

Penn State senior right guard Stefen Wisniewski today became the first player in school history to be named a three-time Academic All-American.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini needs to learn to keep temper in check

In many ways, this could be a defining moment for Pelini in his three years in Lincoln. He can either beat the resurgent Buffs and go to Arlington, Tex., where his Huskers can hoist the Big 12 trophy for the last team before bolting for the Big 10. If the Huskers lose, the season could blow up in Pelini's face, with his personal meltdown the lasting symbol of the season.

I hope he isn't fired. I want to add another coach to the list of Big Ten coaches who have lost their mind.

2010-2011 Ole Miss Basketball preview - Red Cup Rebellion

FIrst big basketball game of the year, gotta know your enemy.

Conversation with Bobby Bowden 

If Joe really does die while he's coach, we won't have to see him go on half-assed book tours and things like that. That's an upside.