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Nitt Links Is Thankful

I'm writing this from my car, so I can't access links right now. (Pro tip: Type "Penn State" into google news) but since I've welcomed you to BSD for what today will make the 80th straight weekday, I think it's only right to stop in for one more time.

As my family leaves town I can see the sun set over Beaver Stadium, something so large, and admittedly unorganized, looking so beautiful. I'm not one to start group hug sessions, but looking at it like this really makes me realize how lucky we all are. We grasp at intangibles like "elite" status,recruiting numbers, and I wouldn't be here if things like that didn't matter to me. But ultimately Penn State has never been about those things. It's clique but it's true.

I don't know where I'll be in 10 years, but I know that growing up in Happy Valley,and going to school at Penn State has changed my life for the better. Penn State has taught my loyalty, pride, tradition, and honor. It hasn't shown me how money can buy you a recruit, or that winning a game is the most important thing in life. It has taught me that if I work hard, stay true to who I am, and don't let things get in my way I can be as good as anybody out there.

For that I am thankful.  

We Are..