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Senior Day Haiku

Some of them are stars we have followed since the day they signed. Some of them are walk-ons we've never heard of. Tomorrow they all run out of the tunnel for the last time as Penn State seniors. They lived the dream to put on that plain blue uniform and give everything they have for a living legend. In traditional BSD fashion, we send them out into the cruel world with Senior Day Haiku. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Saf Tyler Ahrenhold

What I wouldn't give
Just to wear that uniform
I envy walk-ons

WR Brett Brackett

Leader on the field
From nobody to captain
You earned our respect

LB Chris Colasanti

The nightmares won't end
Here comes Richardson again
Please God make it stop

Saf Andrew Dailey

Always a tweener
Found a home on special teams
Career cut too short

T Lou Eliades

It took me two years
To learn to pronounce your name

LB Bani Gbadyu

Out of a cannon
Flying all over the field
Whoops He missed again

Saf Kyle Johnson

Who are you again?
I don't know what to say here
So I'll just move on

C Doug Klopacz

I have to admit
Didn't expect much from you
Pleasantly surprised

DE Kevion Latham

Kevion Latham
What can you say about him?
Seriously. What?

CB Shelton McCullough

Maybe, just maybe
If you had a neck beard too
You might have played some

DT Ollie Ogbu

Coolest name ever?
Might just be. Ollie Ollie
Ollie, Oy Oy Oy

TB Evan Royster

You're no Curt Warner
But damn fine in your own right
Glad you're on our team

PK David Soldner

Beat out by Wagner
Kudos for sticking around
You must love Penn State

TE Jonathan Stewart

What's this? A tight end?
We could have used you this year
Where have you been, dude?

G Anthony Tortortelli

Blue White Game 07
Made Rodgers look like a star
Three Sacks are not good

PK Collin Wagner

Robbie Gould sucked once
Maybe you can be like him
Make it in the league

G/C Stefen Wisniewski

That's quite a blood line
Grand Experiment Lives On
Yer S-M-R-T

WR Graham Zug

The mountains tremble
Song girls throw themselves at you
All Hail the Lord Zug