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Nitt Links Is Holding Tryouts

Sometimes I think Joe plays stupid for the sake of giving us all something to write about. Apparently the quarterback position is "wide open" this week, whatever that means. Honestly it sounds like Joe's way of thanking McGloin for not sucking and giving him an informal shot at the position. I'm not sure that there would be any reason Bolden doesn't get the nod come Saturday, but then again I'm all too often surprised by the things these guys do.

---Hot Topics---

Powell should stay at corner for rest of Penn State career - York Dispatch

Citing a lack of depth in the defensive backfield, the PSU coaching staff moved Powell back to the secondary before spring practice this season. But his return to defense didn't last long. A rash of injuries at wideout caused that same PSU staff to move Powell back to wideout before the 2010 regular season started.

JoePa regrets that Penn State didn't pursue Persa - Chicago Breaking Sports

"We probably should have been a little more aggressive in our approach to him," Paterno said Tuesday on the Big Ten conference call. "He was a good high school quarterback and a heck of a student and person. We really didn't give it the kind of effort that his ability deserved. Not that we could have (necessarily) gotten him."

Penn State's Paterno says quarterback decision coming at end of the week

Winner?....Zack Mills

---Best Of The Rest---

Arena Football League: Ex-Penn State QB Morelli signs with Power

We make fun of the guy, most likely more than we should. It's nice to see he's still out there chasing his dream. It's not the NFL, but I'd be more than happy to play in any sort of football league for paying money. Best of luck to him.

Big Ten Conference hockey? It's a strong possibility

Though Penn State officially is committed to playing NCAA Division I hockey, Big Ten Conference representatives won't speculate about the possibility of an official Big Ten hockey conference. Bruce McLeod doesn't buy it.

Keeping Rob Bolden as starter is in Penn State's best interest |

Let's start a rumor. Tell everybody you know Shane McGregoris making a run at ths starting spot in practice. Joe might even play 3 quarterbacks.