Joe Pa's 400th Win - Should We Care?

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno currently sits at 399 wins in his coaching career. If you are new to college football (welcome!) that is a lot of wins. Much has been made of Joe Pa's career and impending record in recent weeks, but I am going to tell this tale a little differently. Some of you might think I am mean spirited or trying to darken a great moment, but this is an Ohio State blog, and I am an Ohio State fan, so I am going to call this as I see it. Mind you, this is my opinion only, but as always it will be backed up with fact (and proven correct).

Before I begin, I do want to say that I do respect many of the things Paterno has done in his career. His dedication to his school is unmatched by anyone. Ever. I have always laughed at Browns fans who said that Tressel is going to coach the Browns. Tressel's dream job is Ohio State, and I never see him coaching anywhere else, he is totally dedicated to the Buckeyes. Paterno has the same level of dedication as Tress, but has had it for FOUR times as long. Also, he has an extremely low salary (relatively speaking). He makes slightly more than $1 million per year, much less than guys like Saban, Meyer, and even Coach Tressel. And I don't remember any scandals or excess criminal activity at Penn State, unlike Florida State under Bobby Bowden, UNC under Butch Davis, USC under Pete Carroll, and especially Florida under Urban Meyer.

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