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Nitt Links: A 3 Day Rival

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Penn State doesn't have a rivalry with Maryland. In football Penn State owns the series 35-1-1 and in basketball they've hardly played but since 1980 Penn State is 2-1 against the Terps. Now a days it would be foolish to line either football or basketball program against each other. It's just the way it is.

That hasn't stopped the internet though. Just type #UMDhateweek or #PSUhateweek into the search on twitter and you'll find plenty of punches thrown. Testudo Times has had fun with it, and the rest of the Internet has jump on board. So if you're feeling hateful towards turtles, this would be the week to let that shelled up hate fly. (pun intended)

---Hot Topics---

Moye a Lion for another season

"I've had a decent season, but in my opinion, I haven't had a season where I can even think about going out," Moye said. "This year's receiving class is pretty deep.

Blue-chip DB still on PSU’s list -

Penn State didn't seem to have a shot in this race until late. Could be a huge pickup. Duh..

All-Big Ten teams

Somebody from Ohio State didn't make it. I'll give you a hint, he said this on twitter after the fact:

Damn I must be the worst Qb/ player. I might quit football.

---Best Of The Rest---

Honors continue to pile up for Penn State's Stefen Wisniewski

Somebody said he might be the most decorated Penn Stater. I haven't been counting, but it does seem to be piling up for Wiz.

Should Joe Paterno coach Penn State next year?

I know this is a pretty divided subject, but considering next years schedule and the talent on the team, it seems like he deserves a shot at it.

Yours truly had some time on his hands. This would be the result.