Does Mcgloin give us the best chance to win?

So we're looking at two quarterbacks in Matt Mcgloin and Rob Bolden, its pretty clear that in three years, Rob Bolden is going to be the better quarterback. I would argue that if analyzed from a perspective of straight skill, Rob Bolden is the better quarterback right now. Matt Mcgloin, however, has that special something that we have seen over the last decade to be very effective here at Penn State, a fiery leader at the quarterback position.

Michael Robinson 2005- Led the team to an 11-1 record, I can still see the shot of him coming onto the field to fire up the defense in the orange bowl.

Daryll Clark 2008/2009- Sure, he had some trouble beating Iowa, but two top ten finishes is nothing to complain about, Clark was another one of those guys who oozed leadership, and it definitely showed up on the field.

This leads us to the point of this shot, that Matt Mcgloin oozes leadership too, the players say it, the coaches say it, and everyone can see it just from watching a game. I in no way have Mcgloin fever, nor do i think he has the tools to be successful long term here, but until Rob Bolden (or anyone else on the field) steps up, Mcgloin might be the best option.

Note: I think you give Rob Bolden the start, as to not completely ruin his confidence and if he is having some sort of horrid game give Mcgloin a chance.

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