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NItt Links Wants To Enjoy This For One More Day

 "Now that the celebration's over let's go beat Ohio State"

If you came away from this weekend with anything, I would hope it was a renewed appreciation for Joe Paterno. I understand the arm-chair coaching, it's part of sports, but for all of the kind words we use after draw plays on 3rd and 12 we sometimes forget how much Joe Paterno really does love us. We forget how so much of his drive comes from what it means to be a Penn Stater and the Penn State family. These days so many coaches are in it for so many reasons, money, the next rung in the ladder, fame, and whatever is up with Lane Kiffin. Through all of this Joe Paterno has coached here because he loves his job, and while loyalty to the program does not create a free pass, it makes me appreciate him even more. So I hope that while we may go over every play in detail, that in the midst of a rebuilding and sometimes frustrating season, that you enjoy Joe's last few years here. The 2010 season will come and go, our lives will go on, and the world will keep on spinning, but as much as we hate to admit it Joe won't be with us forever. Someday not far from now seeing him on the sideline would be worth one more 9-3 season.

It's impossible to say enough about a man who has done so much, for so long, and so honorably. But I hope that I can speak for all of us by just saying, Thank You.



Photo Gallery: Penn State 35, Northwestern 21

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Penn State 35, Northwestern 21

From Peak To Ultimate Valley: ‘Cats Epic Collapse, Lose to Penn State

---Hot Topics---

With No. 400, Paterno adds to his legend | Philadelphia Inquirer

This is going to be like Penn State Hockey. Everybody is going to take turns rewording an AP article untill they can't think of any more ways to say "OmFg, Can I has Joe?"

ESPN's College GameDay to originate from Penn State-Ohio State clash

This might be the only time you see GameDay go to a game that the spread it 17.5 that being said, it does speak to the quality of the recent games we've played against Ohio State. It also speaks to the number of crap games lined up this weekend.

Late goal gives Penn State share of Big Ten crown

If you win anything 13 years in a row you have earned my respect. Although I was sold around the 5th or 6th straight time.

---Best Of The Rest---

McGloin leads Penn State's revival

McGloin makes me think of Zach Mills every time he steps onto the field. Anybody who makes me think of Mills is a winner in my book. I'm imagine I'm in the minority, but Mills is probably in my Top 10 favorite Penn State players.

What We Learned: College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

What WE learned--It takes Joe Paterno doing something cool for Adam Rittenberg to drive to State College and then whine about the weather on twitter.

PSU’s running game sparks comeback

Somebody needs to do the work for me and figure out the last time Penn State has had 2 100 yard rushers in a game.