Have You Seen the Light?

4 months ago it was a joke.  3 weeks ago it was a curious situation.  2 weeks ago people started to actually seriously discuss it.  Now?  It's no longer a joke, it's no longer a "yeah wouldn't that be funny" situation. 

We're on a 3 game win streak with McGloin behind center.  Our offense has gone from the worst we've seen in 10 years to 95 points in 2 1/2 games including 14 TD's.  8 are credited to McGloin including a McSneak. 

With Bolden we mustered 7 TD's against FBS schools in 5 1/2 games.  Sure those games included road games against Alabama and Iowa, but they also included home games against Kent State and Temple.  I consider those 4 games to average out to about equal to 2 games against UM and NW.

The point is I want to see what the BSD community thinks.  I'm not here to take away from Bolden, in fact I think Bolden is a hell of a good QB.  I think he's going to win us a NC or two when all is said and done.  This is about this season, and this week.

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