Hate week: Penn State's backup quarterback

I'm not naming names here. I mean, our beloved players are college students.

But let's be realistic here, folks.

Fans of Penn State's current backup quarterback are agents for The Ohio State University.

Their rhetoric is disgusting. So disgusting they make me write like a newspaper writer (They also secretly love newspaper writers - children).

They say things, horrible untruths like, "Throwing into coverage is worse than missing an open receiver" (Despicable!), or "McGloin is reckless", or "I'm a man and McGloin threatens my manhood", or even "I'm a woman and I hate the way McGloin makes me feel like I'm not wearing any clothes. I hate the way he makes me feel like there's thousands of volts shooting through me, I feel so warm, so.....thrilled."

Well, lady, you should be thrilled.

That is all.

McGloin despite them.

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