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Nitt Links Was Pushing For Green Monkeys And Blue Baracudas

Leaders and Legends. Ok, well it wasn't on my list of possible names, I thought a homage to Legend of the Hidden Temple would have been nice. Watching teams go through a season to battle for a trophy at the end of the year? That would have been a nice touch. All the Big Ten is really missing is a Aztec figure to offer up the challenge at the start of the season. Maybe a talking Joe Tiller statue would get the job done.

Things to look forward to  hearing all the time:

"They've beaten the Leaders today, but they'll be Legends forever"

"With this win they've taken the lead in the Leader division"

Any joke about being able to lead a team to victory.

Championship shirts that look like a young business convention. "Leaders of 2011"

---Hot Topics---

Kansas City a volleyball town this week, beyond -

If they win their 4th title I'll find Blair Brown and ask her to marry me.

Joe Paterno Tells Recruit He Will Coach Penn State For Five or Six More Years

I have a hard time believing that Joe really thinks that, or even said it.


EDSBS generally needs no intro.

---Best Of The Rest---

LIVE/Open Thread: Blogging the Apocalypse - Black Heart Gold Pants

900+ comments of Russia, corn, and drug related jokes. It will be interesting to see how the next few days and weeks play out for Iowa.

This Picture Suggests Arkansas Committed Recruiting Violations

Well, this might just win fail of the week.

Hot Corner: Florida shows its pettiness |

Umm, ok.