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Nitt Links Is Going To Be Here Forever

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I felt bad for Joe yesterday. I understand the whole issue with his hearing, and I'll admit  it's not the best recruiting tool in the world, but unless Joe really thinks he'll be here 6 more yearsI think he's earned the right to free-ear it. The state of Penn State football won't crumble over night because Joe can't hear, he's an old guy, and sometimes old guys have bad days. It's hard enough watching media outlets pile on because they know he won't say anything, but to edit in the Blue Band to the interview clip only makes it worse.

I don't think Joe gets a free pass for the next year to do whatever, but you know, give the guy a break. Then again, if the media is going to ask questions like "Are you going to die before you retire?" I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

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