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Nitt Links Is A Win Away

Women's sports, for various reasons, has never had the same pull as their male counterparts. That being said, I taken issue with people who don't see streaks in women's athletics as all that impressive. It's not required that you like women's basketball, volleyball, or field hockey, but in any sport at any level, winning over and over again to the tune of even 10+ games isn't easy. I fully understand why you can't put streaks next to each other in different sports and say it's the same thing, but winning isn't easy and ought to be respected.

And...even if it wasn't impressive, I'd still love Darcy Dorton.

---Hot Topics---

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Long but a must read.

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If you're not watching on Saturday you obviously don't like Blair Brown.

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I approve of such notions.

---Best Of The Rest---

Lacrosse Magazine : Doherty Signs Her First Penn State Recruits

Penn State women's lacrosse head coach Missy Doherty has announced the signing of eight recruits for the 2012 season. The class, which will enroll in school in the fall of 2011, is comprised of five midfielders, two defenders, and one attacker with four hailing from Maryland, two from New Jersey, and one each from New York and Pennsylvania.

Penn State football comments: PSU should never have joined Big Ten


State College, PA - Penn State Announces Pre-Bowl Pep Rally in Tampa

Call and response with Joe jokes can start now.

UConn made the BCS, and all it got was this looming financial burden - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

You could try selling tickets to the game.