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Penn State Volleyball Championship Open Thread

There was a lot of talk early this season about "The Streak," Penn State's NCAA women's sports record of 109 consecutive victories that was snapped by Stanford this fall.

Tonight, though, a far more important streak is on the line. The Nittany Lions will look to continue their run of three straight national championships with a fourth tonight if they can overcome at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The game will be broadcast a 8:30 P.M. on ESPN2.

If Penn State plays as well as it did Thursday night in its semifinal win over Texas, the Lions will be well on their way to another title. Remember, though, that this Penn State team is young, and still getting accustomed to the big stage. It's already shown this season that it's susceptible to off nights, and if this is one of them, Penn State could be in for a real dog fight.

This is your open thread. We'll have another one later if necessary.