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Florida Gators Season in Review - LSU Tigers

Final - 10.9.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
LSU Tigers 3 17 0 13 33
Florida Gators 0 14 0 15 29

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By the time the undefeated and twelfth-ranked LSU Tigers walked into the Swamp for a 7:30p kickoff, our Nittany Lions were in full wound-licking mode after the Illinois Incident on October 9.  The Gators were trying to bounce back from the whuppin Bama put on them the week before (dropping them from #7 to #14) and the Tigers were coming in at 5-0 with wins over then-#18 UNC, then-#22 WVU and a squeaker against unranked Tennessee.  You may remember that game: UT celebrating as time runs out after LSU botched a snap, only later noticing the flag penalizing them for having THIRTEEN men on the field.  So, on paper, it looked to be a pretty good matchup.  It proved to be the same on the field.

Of LSU's 11 drives, 2 ended with rushing touchdowns, 2 with passing TDs, 1 with a FG, 1 with the end of half, 4 with a punt and 1 with an interception.  Florida's 12 drives consisted of this: 3 rushing TDs, 1 KO return TD, 1 missed FG, 1 end of half, 3 punts, 2 fumbles lost and 1 interception.  LSU's Jarrett Lee was 9/11 for 124 yards and 2 TDs / 0 INTs, while Florida's John Brantley, playing with four cracked ribs, was 16/24 for 154 and 0 TDs/ 1 INT.  There were 5 lead changes leading up to the deciding fourth quarter, when LSU took a two-score lead, but failed on the two-point conversion.  On the ensuing kickoff, 5* RSFR Andre Debose took it 88 yards to the house to cut the score to 26-21, Tigers (Florida's PAT was converted by kicker Chas Henry;  ***Note: our punter may drink Cruzan Mango Rum, but Florida's kicker goes by 'Chas').  Florida's defense then forced a three and out, but LSU's did the same.  On LSU's next drive, they secured one first down, but the strong Florida D held again and forced another punt. This time, the Gator offense made the possession count and they marched 10 plays for 80 yards and a 5yd rushing touchdown by 3rd string 4* SO RB Mike Gillislee (Florida was playing without leading rusher, track star Jeff Demps, who was out with a sprained track foot), taking a 29-26 lead.

That's about when The Hat got even more hatty.  With 35 seconds left, LSU lined up for a game-tying 52yd FG, but did they kick it?  Does Les Miles look funny wearing a hat?  No, they didn't kick it.  Instead, the holder flipped the ball over his head, in what kicker Josh Jasper (far less likely to wear a flipped up collar than Florida's kicker) described as not 'the greatest of pitches,' as it landed on the ground a few feet in front of him.  Incredibly, tho, it bounced cleanly off the ground and up into his arms, and he ran 5 yards for a first down.  Was it hatty?  You bet.  Heck, take a look for yourself, and feel free to comment on the fan shots in the comments; it seems to be a nice mix of doucheas and hotties.

Sorry that was so long, but it covers the review well, where you probably noted plenty of shots of outgoing Coach Urban Meyer indicating he thought it was a forward pass.  It was ruled otherwise, obviously, and LSU's Lee finished the drive with 28 and 3 yard passes to Terrence Tolliver to retake the lead, secure the win, and send Florida on to the second of what would be five losses on the season.