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Nitt Links: Interesting Times We Live In

It doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on. Joe should stay, Joe should go. Ed should go, or Ed should go. We're closing in on some exciting events in the near future. Temple could very well announce that Tom Bradley is their new head coach today or tomorrow, Ed could get another inexplicable extension next week, whatever happens changes are coming to Penn State Athletics. Hopefully we don't break the Internet in the process.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State sources: Kevin Newsome doesn't make bowl trip

I guess we won't be using him as the Clark-Alamo Bowl wrinkle

Penn State assistants Tom Bradley and Ron Vanderlinden in the mix for Temple post

If Bradley does go I can't help but wish the best for him. Class guy.

PSU basketball is embarrassing, and it's time for DeChellis to go

It makes me feel dirty to agree with Cory Giger.

---Best Of The Rest---

Blair Brown Helps Penn State To Fourth National Title; Named Volleyball Honda Sports Award Finalist

You write about Blair Brown, you're going to get a link.

Florida-Penn St. Preview-

Did you know Urban Myer is calling it quits? Neither did I.

Names of Big Ten’s New Football Divisions Are Criticized -

My newest push is for Bloods and Crips