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Nitt Links: These People Believe This Stuff Don't They?

After spending a lot of the weekend away from my laptop I sat down Sunday night and got on to youtube to see that my Penn State-Florida video had a new comment on it. I opened up the page and read the following:


Now I appreciate the fact that this guy wasn't being a troll, I don't mind if you think your team has Terrelle Pryor 4.33 speed if you're nice about it. But it just goes to show that these SEC folk can't help themselves. I mean, it has gotten to the point that I wonder what they think the rest of the nation, let alone the "Slow" Big Ten is doing. Crawling? Running Backwards? It really is amazing how a little media love and attention can go to an entire fanbase's head. It's good thing it doesn't go both ways otherwise Penn State fans would be on suicide watch for all of the hate Mark May pukes out on a daily basis.

Speaking or Mark May:

Now we all have our moments when we ramp up our inner idiot, but May Day here takes it to a whole other level. The Big Ten is the NCAA's sacred cow? I know the conference makes more money than anybody else, but if there is a conference the NCAA loves it's the SEC not the Big Ten. If the Big Ten is the sacred cow then the SEC is their golden idol.

I understand the point Mark May is trying to make, the NCAA is messed up and plays to their own interests, I don't think anybody is going to argue that, but come Arkansas--Ohio State bowl game is not bringing in 10 million viewers, 40+ infinity dollars, and peace to the earth. Not to mention the fact it's not the Big Ten's fault Florida alone has had almost more arrests/ suspensions in the past 2 years than the entire Big Ten combined. Maybe if the SEC could get it together they wouldn't have this problem. Favoritism is one thing, but blaming the NCAA for not throwing down the ban-hammer on the Big Ten as often as they do on the SEC is lunacy. If anything May ought to be applauding the fact Ohio State added an additional game to the suspension above what the NCAA ruled.

I've made it clear I'm the last one on here that's going to defend Ohio State, if I had my way they'd be suspended for the bowl game, but when you start assuming the NCAA is forming a conspiracy against  the SEC by helping the Big Ten you're falling down a slippery slope to crazy town. No actually you're digging a hole in the foundation of crazy town.

Want to see the SEC get it easy? Ok here. Cam Newton, Marlon Walls and Greg King, Chris Rainey, Nick Fairley, Carols Dunlap, just to name a few.   

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