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Nitt Links: Kerry Collins?

Am I the only one who thinks Zug looks very Collins like in this shot?

---Hot Topics---

Penn State: Rumors of Paterno health 'just lies'

It has got to be apparent right now that the Internet lost this battle. Joe is old, he can't hear, and sometimes he feels like crap. That is all. Should he stay or should he go is a different argument, but Joe Paterno is not on his death bed like so many believe, or fear.

Russ Rose and Cael Sanderson: Penn State Coaches Worth Watching as Much as the Match

I've said in the comfort of my home that Russ Rose should be respected on the same level as Joe within Penn State. Don't find a lot of people to agree with me, and I understand the argument but still..he gets the job done.

Taran Buie Suspended Indefinitely

It's hard to really say what's going on, but I don't think this is surprising to anyone.

---Best Of The Rest--

Watford scores fewest points of season against Penn State

Even with all of their offensive and perimeter defensive struggles, Penn State has had good interior defense for a lot of this season.

Penn State Notebook: Bolden still competing for starting job

And here's to him getting it back..

Outback Bowl: Updates on Florida Gators as they prep for Penn State

"Taking on the Golden cow since 2010."