BSDivas on the sidelines

Yes, you read right, BSDivas were on the sidelines during the 4th quarter of the PSU-MSU game last Saturday. Diva Desiree'N Lion, myself and our friend from Maryland made it on to the field. The only Happy Valley Diva who wasn't in attendance was PSUEsq who stayed back in case we needed excellent legal representation (ok, actually she stayed home with BSDiva In Training because it was way too cold to take a 8-month old to the game).

We were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for the touchdowns (and almost touchdowns) and we got to hang out after the game and get some pictures with Graham Zug, Brett Brackett and Evan Royster.

We were highly annoying to our husbands and children afterwards because we couldn't stop giggling, smiling and interjecting "I was on the field today" into every conversation.

There is photographic proof...I just can't figure out how to upload the pics here.

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