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Nitt Links: Giving Tony Hunt The Soapbox

---Hot Topics---

JoePa hopes Penn St can keep up with Florida

SEC Speed...what Tony said.

Steelers to work out two punters - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Steelers will work out former Penn State standout Jeremy Kapinos and Ricky Schmitt Tuesday, and one of them will likely be signed to replace punter Daniel Sepulveda.

Florida, Penn State even opponents in Outback Bowl

Some of the Florida message boards are worth the visit. Penn State and Florida fans aren't talking smack, they're trying to convince the other side their team is worse. Never thought I'd see that.

PSU fan : No way we win, we suck

UF fan : False we are the worst and can't win a game if you spotted us 30

PSU fan : Bro, have you seen our DL

UF fan : Our OL will make your DL look like the AFC pro bowl team

---Best Of The Rest---

PSU student wins $123,000 at Big 12 Championship game

Didn't miss a throw. That's poise and moxie into one.

Reports: Kevin Wilson will be named Head Football Coach at Indiana

Kevin Wilson is/was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma.

BCS Official Release Regarding Boise State-LSU Rankings

I can only imagine what would have happened if this had happened to a top 5 team.


Had some time on my hands. Enjoy.