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Nitt Links: The Sky Isn't Falling, It's Changing Color

It isn't a surprise to anyone that Joe's time here is coming to an end soon. I think if you were to ask most people, the 2011 season seems likely to be his last. A great schedule, talented kids, and the end of his contract. It just makes sense.

We've talked about the Tom Bradley situation already, and since then it has come up that Ron Vanderlinden might be looking at the Ball State job. While alarming on the surface it shouldn't come as a big surprise that these guys are shopping themselves around. Regardless of the outcome, change is coming to the football program, but that doesn't mean the sky is falling. There is no doubt that the loss of Bradley and/or Vanderlinden would be a blow to the current staff, but it wouldn't be that unexpected to have Penn State's next coach (assuming it's an outside hire)bring in a whole new staff either.

Some people on the interwebs seem to be equating these possible changes as the end of the program. The fact of the matter however is almost every program in America changes a staff member every few years. You've seen that Joe Paterno years coaching ratio to coaching change, stat enough times to know it by heart. While the unknown of Penn State's future is scary, it seems unlikely that the outcome will be so dark that Bradley or Vanderlinden taking a shot at a head coaching job this offseason, (if at all) would be the beginning of the end.

Would I miss them? Yes. But losing a good coach wouldn't mean a bad one was next in line. I'm not suggesting I know what will happen, rather that the overall success and future of the program does not lie with these two men.

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